Auto Insurance

What to consider when buying car insurance

Because of the competition in the auto insurance world, a lot of the add-ons to your auto insurance policy are cheap and valuable when needed. Optional coverages include:

Gap coverage — When you drive off the lot in a new car, the car’s value drops. Your loan or lease doesn’t. So you owe more than what the car is worth for the first few years. That’s the gap needed to be covered by this insurance.

Roadside assistance — Pretty self explanatory here. This offers towing and changing a flat.

Rental reimbursement — This add-on pays for your rental vehicles while your car is in the shop.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist — Just because your state law says you have to have car insurance doesn’t mean everyone follows the law. If you’re involved in an accident with someone without insurance or whose insurance doesn’t cover all the costs of your repairs or medical bills that’s where uninsured/underinsured coverage comes in.

Comprehensive coverage — Comprehensive insurance covers the repair or replacement of a vehicle that’s damaged from something other than an accident with another vehicle.

A licensed automotive insurance agent with Young Insurance Group can evaluate your needs to make sure you have ample coverage.

How can you save money on your auto insurance

Beyond having a clean driving record and living outside of urban areas, there are a few other ways to save on your car insurance.
Most insurance carriers offer discounts for people in all walks of life. These may include:
Good student • Safe driver
Company • Military

But beyond that, there are some ways you can avoid having a higher premium in the first place. These are the ways you can have a lower premium:
Have a car that’s cheaper to insure
Improve your credit
Usage-based insurance

Young Insurance Group agents are happy to review your situation to find all the discounts applicable to your policy so you can be sure you get the best deal available.

Filing a claim

There are some best practices to make sure your claims process goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. 

First, after an accident, call the police. If there are injuries, call 911. If not, try to call the non-emergency line. They document everything that has happened and file an official police report so there’s no he-said she-said. 

Then, call your insurance agent or company so they can start the claims process. 

After that, start taking pictures of all damage to provide the agent working your case. 

An insurance adjuster will investigate the claim, issue an estimate for the repairs, and determine if the car is a total loss. Your adjuster may or may not investigate in person. 

Make a note of any deadlines for paperwork and ask to be notified of any updates in your claim.

Why work with Young Insurance Group

Young Insurance Group is an independent broker that is able to shop your policy with multiple carriers insurance you have the cheapest price and best discounts available. We are always happy to assist you with your policy and pride ourselves on our customer service. 

Give us a call to see how we can help you save on auto insurance.